Why make a Will?

A Will decides who inherits your  money, propertyand possessions. Who inherits your estate will be decided by the Law of Intestacy (1925) and as you can imagine they are unlikely to divide your assets in the way you would choose. By making a Will you can decide exactly who gets which assets and how much.

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So what is the Process in making a Will?

The Process is easy as there are three main requirements for a Will to be legal. It must be in writing. Telling a friend or anyone else what your intentions are is certainly not good enough. You must sign it. When you sign it, there must be at least two other people present to witness [...]

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What does an Executor do?

Your executors are the people who make it all happen meaning carry out your wishes after your death. Among other things, they have to: apply for a 'Grant of Representation' from the Probate Registry notify the bank(s), pension agencies, solicitor, utility companies, and other relevant parties arrange your funeral and pay for it (the money [...]

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How many executors can I have?

You can name as many executors as you like in your will, though the maximum number who can apply for probate to administer your estate is four. It makes sense to have at least two or three, in case any of them pre-decease you or later decide they do not want to (or cannot) act [...]

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Will my current Will become invalid if I get divorced?

Your will remains valid but any provision in favour of your former spouse ceases to apply once the divorce is finalised. You should draw up a new will. Bear in mind that your spouse remains a beneficiary until the 'decree absolute' has been granted - so you might want to draw up a new will [...]

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What is the cost to draft a will?

The cost of making a will is generally quite fair, although it does depend on how complicated the provisions are, or whether you have different trusts added. Ask for an estimate of the cost based on your requirements before you start.

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